Oregon has a long tradition of conserving natural resources for present and future generations. At Deep Canyon Outfitters we continue the conservation tradition through our fly fishing guide service and Oregon hunting preserve. Join us in conserving Oregon’s outstanding natural heritage.

A Commitment

Our Commitment to Conservation: Deep Canyon Outfitters (DCO) recognizes the relationship between the ecological health of the waters we fish and our ability to deliver quality experiences for our clients. Our viability as a business is dependent upon rivers that sustain healthy and desirable fisheries in attractive settings. Our guides and clients directly benefit from the outstanding scenery and productive fisheries of the Deschutes Basin. At DCO we believe we have an obligation to give something back to the rivers we fish.

A Philosophy

Our conservation philosophy involves several levels of activity. First: several of our guides (including the owner) currently hold positions on Boards for local non-profit conservation organizations, including the Deschutes River Conservancy, the Upper Deschutes Mitigation and Enhancement Board and the Deschutes Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Second: each year DCO sponsors and organizes Day for the River, a fundraising event for the Deschutes River Conservancy (DRC). Day for the River begins with a live auction for full and multi-day float trips on the Deschutes River (all donated by DCO), where all proceeds benefit the DRC in their mission to restore streamflow and improve water quality in the Deschutes Basin. To date Day for the River has raised $100,000 for this purpose.

What We Do

DCO guides consistently participate in river clean ups and volunteer their time teaching young enthusiasts about aquatic insects and stream health as a part of the Healthy Waters Institute Salmon Watch program. DCO is currently initiating a dialogue with other guides in the Basin to create a Guide Association with the goal of developing and coordinating stewardship and professional ethics for guides in the Deschutes Basin.

For more information about the organizations we support please follow the links below:

Deschutes River Conservancy:

Upper Deschutes Watershed Council:                     

Deschutes Chapter Trout Unlimited:

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