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Winter Steelhead

As fall turns into winter, many anglers in Central Oregon hang their fly rods up until spring. At Deep Canyon Outfitters, when we are not in the field chasing pheasants, chukars, and quail, we are on the Sandy, Clackamas, or North Santiam Rivers searching for winter steelhead. The winter steelhead in many of Oregon’s most famous rivers are still all wild. The ancestors of these fish predate the days of Lewis and Clark. In more recent years a decline in wild steelhead populations have made these returning stocks even more valuable. There is truly nothing like the feel of a big, wild winter run steelhead on the end of your line. Once the first rains of January have filled the rivers, and then receded, this elusive fish charges its way upstream to the gravel bar of its birth. For the angler, this is the opportunity. As steelhead make their journey upstream, they rest in the softer, slower water on the edges of the river system, often in predictable spots. Your guide will educate you on how to present a fly at just the right time, in just the right way. When it all comes together you’ll see why wild winter run steelhead are a prized game fish.

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