Fly Fishing for Oregon Steelhead

The Lower Deschutes River is one of the best places in North America to catch a steelhead on a fly.  Each year beginning in July, constitent returns of summer steelhead leave the Pacific Ocean, migrate up the Colombia River and make the right hand turn up the Lower Deschutes.  What makes the Deschutes so famous, is it's ability to entice fish traveling further up the Colombia, to seek refuge it's cool waters. Our most popular guide trip is a Multi-Day Camping Trip down various sections of the “Lower D”.

deschutesriversteelhead.4.jpgSummer Steelhead Season

Open to fly fishing all year, it is possible to catch a steelhead just about every month of the year.  Fresh steelhead, "Chromers" arrive as early as late June and can be present in the river until they finish their spawn by late March.  We choose to target summer steelhead during the best times, from August through November.  The prime time for catching a steelhead is from about September 1st through November 25th.  September and October are the most popular months for steelhead.  We also offer great opportunities for comboe trips - trout and steelhead, Cast and Blast for trout, steelhead, and waterfowl.


Steelhead on a dry fly

Deschutes river steelhead are notorious risers for skated dries and initiate takes that leave the most hardened fly fishing veteran’s heart racing.  From July through mid October, skating dry flies for steelhead is our favorite way to catch a steelhead.  We will teach you the subtle elements of this technique and will be as excited as you are when that steelhead leaps out of the river after your surface presentation.


Equipment and Techniques

The Lower Deschutes is a big river
 with frequently windy conditions in the fall. An eight-weight with dry line is the standard recipe for indicator tactics. Two-handed or Spey rods have gained a huge following in the fly fishing community on the Lower Deschutes. Fishing for steelhead with a Spey rod is a huge aid when trying to reach mid-river holding water or throw heavy sink tips. Much of the Spey fishing revolution in the sport of Fly Fishing can be traced to the banks of the Deschutes River.

If you enjoy fly fishing for feisty powerful steelhead, the Lower Deschutes River with Deep Canyon Outfitters is an experience you must have.

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