East Lake

This gin-clear lake is a fly fisherman's dream. Strong Damsel Fly, Callibaetis Mayfly, and Lake Midge hatches begin in the spring and early summer and last well into the fall, giving us plenty of opportunities to hook fish on dry flies. In between hatches, stripping nymphs or leaches, or suspending Chironomids near the bottom produce excitement all day long.

 Two species of rainbow trout are the most abundant fish in the lake, one of the species being a strong, aggressive Blackwater strain that was introduced to combat the tui chub. Large brown trout also reside in the cold, clean waters of East Lake and the state record Brown trout came from the lakes western neighbor, Paulina Lake. Kokanee salmon and land locked Atlantic Salmon were also introduced to this lake and are very fun, acrobatic fish to catch on a fly rod! The abundant weed beds allow copious quantities of aquatic insects to flourish and, in turn, feed the healthy population of fish in East Lake. 

 East Lake is nestled in the Newberry Caldera at around 6,400 feet in elevation and is a great place to escape the heat of Central Oregon summers. Bald eagles, osprey, waterfowl and the occasional loon will accompany you while fishing this scenic lake, so be sure to have your cameras ready!EastLake is a great place for any angler, with enough cooperative fish and excitement for a novice angler while offering many challenges for accomplished anglers. Spend a half day or full day with us onEast Lake to experience all that this fishery has to offer.



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