Fly Fishing Rivers near Bend Oregon

Lower Deschutes River

When people think of the Deschutes, this is the stretch they think of. From Lake Billy Chinook to the Columbia, the Lower Deschutes is full of wild Redband Trout, affectionately known as Redsides, whitefish and hard fighting Summer Steelhead. From our famous stonefly hatches of spring, to the blanketing caddis of summer, this river offers some of the most exciting dry fly fishing in the state. There are a few very remote stretches, guarded by whitewater, that are accessed only by floating, allowing a remote feel even in the busiest of times.

Crooked River

The Crooked is a small river that winds its way through steep basalt cliff faces, paralleled by a road that offers copious wading opportunities. The slightly off-colored water harbors wild Redband Trout as well as Rocky Mountain Whitefish. This is the most consistent year-around fishery we have in Central Oregon with many days offering abundant dry fly action.

McKenzie River

Starting from deep within the Lava Flows in the Cascade Range, this cold, gin-clear river cuts its way through ferns and towering evergreens. Wild rainbow trout are accompanied by hatchery rainbows which makes this a great river to turn fishing into catching!

Upper Deschutes River

The Upper Deschutes River starts its journey at Little Lava Lake in the shadow of Mount Bachelor. It does a short southern journey before doing a u-turn and heading north towards Bend. This water has several different unique sections with native Redband trout, brookies and browns. Streamers, dry flies and of course nymphs can be productive on any summer day.

Fall River

The Fall is a spring-fed river that drains into the Deschutes near the town of Sunriver. This river is a dream for sight fishing due to its gin clear water. Spotting fish, then casting dry flies, stripping streamers or dead drifting nymphs to them can be very productive.

Fly fishing in each of these gorgeous rivers is an ideal way the experience the outdoors.

Rainbow, Brook, Brown, Bull Trout and powerful summer Steelhead are the species to target. For those fly fishing bums who have experienced much of the west, Central Oregon rivers are a fly fishing Mecca that won't disappoint.

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