Fly Fishing Rivers near Bend Oregon


Lower Deschutes River

The Lower Deschutes River is teeming with thick rainbow trout known locally as Redsides. These fish grow strong with their protein packed Salmonfly diet. September through November is steelhead season for us on the Deschutes, so get your two handed rods ready!


Crooked River

The Crooked River is as consistent as a fishery can possibly be. Being a tailwater, coming from the bottom of a dam, it allows the water to be a fish-happy 50 degrees year-round. With more fish-per-mile than any other Central Oregon river this is a great place to enjoy a day of fishing.


 McKenzie River

Strikingly beautiful, the McKenzie River has more fly fishing history than just about any other river on the West Coast. Wild Redband Rainbow trout are supplemented with hatchery Rainbow trout so your day consists more of catching than fishing.


Upper Deschutes River

 The Upper Deschutes looks nothing like its downriver cousin. It is a small, intimate river that snakes its way through forests and meadows, abound with flora and fauna. Add some eager Brook trout ready to eat a dry fly as well as the native Rainbow Trout and you have a picturesque adventure.


Fall River

Fall River is a gin-clear spring fed river just 25 minutes south of Bend. Occupying these waters are both native and planted Rainbow Trout as well as Brown Trout and Brookies.  


Other Rivers

During the winter months we explore some of the rivers West of the Cascades for winter steelhead. Our favorite methods for fishing for these bright, sea going fish are with two-handed rods and swung flies.




Fly fishing in each of these gorgeous rivers is an ideal way the experience the outdoors.

Rainbow, Brook, Brown, Bull Trout and powerful summer Steelhead are the species to target. For those fly fishing bums who have experienced much of the west, Central Oregon rivers are a fly fishing Mecca that won't disappoint.

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