Fall River

Central Oregon is blessed with many beautiful streams, but Fall River is unique among them. A mere 25 minutes from Bend, the Fall River emerges from several headwater springs and flows crystal clear through beautiful stands of lodgepole and ponderosa pine. Fall River is another Central Oregon river that is open to fly fishing year-round.

The river is home to stunning native and planted rainbow trout in the 8-20-inch range, with some fish over 20 inches. Every year the river is planted with some seriously large “CraneBows” from the Fall River Hatchery. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

Because the river is spring-fed, the water temperature stays fairly constant year-round, making for excellent hatches in all four seasons. Dry fly fishing can be superb, particularly on mild, cloudy days. Fly fishing here can be on the technical side because of the water clarity, and it's generally best to sight-fish rather than blind cast to good spots. This is truly a beautiful place to fish, check it out and see for yourself.

The Fall River is a proper spring creek. The fishing can be tough. But it can also be rewarding beyond belief. We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the very particular hatches on the Fall. This is a river where you want local knowledge! If you feel like being tested in one of the most tranquil and pristine settings imaginable, then let us take you to this remarkable fishery.  

We offer both Full Day and Half Day Trips on the Fall River.


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